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I've taken a few days for myself, which means that I can do nice, leisurely things like make myself a big brunch and sit down to watch television I'd missed.

Like the season seven (I still can't believe it, seven seasons?) return of Supernatural.

So, what do the Impala and Castiel have in common? They refuse to stay down. They are the car and angel that would not die: they were evidently made for one another.

I'm always wary of watching shows like Supernatural while I'm eating, especially first thing in the morning, but once it starts, I remember how desensitised I've become to all its gore and violence, so when people are imploding, choking on their own tongues, or waking up in pools of blood, I happily munch on with my eggs and toast.

I loved this episode even more than the season six finale.

I'm really glad for the fans who agonised about Castiel's ascension to Godstiel because they wrapped this up quickly. I think the producers and writers were smart about that. They were able to show the tone of his reign, wrath, and mercy succinctly. I would have been quickly bored if they tried to draw it out; it would have been season six all over again. However: field of angel death. YES. I know it's expensive on FX, but I'd love to see more epic angel fights, not just angel death fields.

My favourite scene was the conversation between Godstiel and Death. Death always steals the show for me when he's on-screen. And what pretty chains he had! I seldom notice the CG effects on this show because people light up so often, but that was elegant.

"You think you can handle that kind of horsepower?" Crowley, I'm so glad you're still alive because it's you villains who always make me smile. Smart choice for Godstiel to keep him around as King of Hell, which leads me to believe that Godstiel wouldn't have been a terrible ruler, but the world would have really suffered for his inexperience.

It's like we're always lamenting in business: people are often promoted too soon to positions they're not ready for. You were not ready for Godhood, Castiel. Too bad you didn't choose a stronger vessel before you swallowed all of Purgatory, you might have lasted longer. You could have taken Sam; he was underutilising that real estate anyway. :P

Favourite line of the show that actually made me laugh out loud: "Hi Sam. Long time no spooning." LUCIFER. Although I feel this was a one-off guest star feature, I hold out hope for many, many more hallucinations with you. Sam, maybe you should watch some "Asian cartoon porn" to take the edge off. I also predict that the only reason we might see Adam is because Sam hallucinates being taunted by Michael wearing Adam's face, or Adam's apparition guilts Sam about leaving him behind. End of Season 7: Adam is still in the Cage. The end.

It's almost disappointing how familiar the Cage looks and the ideas of how it would torture its occupants. It appears like an underground rave club with chains, hooks, and crimson lighting. I understand it would be hard to relay unfamiliar ideas in a televised medium, but I want something that boggles the imagination. I want something that really challenges the set designers to articulate. I want something that wrangles souls and grace that CAN'T be realised in Earthly concepts. But this is not that sort of show, so I'm all right with that.

I was amused when Castiel changed the icon of Jesus to himself in the stained glass window. Interesting choice. I'm really glad they addressed him going into nuclear meltdown under the volume of Purgatory, it kept up the theme of "too much power in too meagre a vessel" they'd established earlier with Nick and Lucifer.

ETA: Something pretty devastating I didn't realise until [ profile] nights_fang pointed this out: Castiel was all over the news, he was even caught on camera. Somewhere out there, Amelia and Claire Novak would have seen this. Oh, Novaks, this life has not been kind to you.

I'm really looking forward to the Leviathans. Even though they just look like Misha on a sugar high. (Though, where on Earth did that come from? Drew another card from Lovecraft on the Plotting Wheel O' Fortune, did we?) Please don't under deliver with the mythos, abilities, and interests of these Old Ones, Show. You disappointed with the angels. Please do more better this time. For argument's sake, how many Leviathans do we think are inside Jimmy's vessel? And are they going to go out looking for their own, or is Jimmy's vessel just going to break down again? Or have they reinforced his vessel?

I thought there was a real moment of hope for those Dean/Cas shippers, but then he snapped and, well, I think Castiel really is dead. Unless this is similar to what the angels and goa'uld do (push the original inhabitant down, but not destroy). I think Dean's last conversation with Castiel was realistic, though it feels a little like Dean was too quick to climb back on his high horse. You're just a sh*tty communicator, Dean Winchester. You expect everyone to come clean to you on the things troubling them, but when they do, your response is, "I'm sorry, you should have come to me WAY back when this was first a problem because I'm the BEST supporter and, what, you mean all life's problems CAN'T be solved from sheer stubbornness and lots of alcohol?"

Dean doesn't work with people. He makes them work with HIM, or it's the highway. In spite of how much his friends and family may love him, he's often driven them down the dark second route. He should not look so surprised anymore. It makes him less handsome. It just makes him annoying. But this is not ABC Family, the Winchesters seldom recognise their faults and grow because of it.

I started watching the show for Sam and Dean. I keep watching for the mythos.

Now I'm going to troll everyone else's reaction posts. Yay for lazy, rainy afternoons!

Date: 2011-09-29 04:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm so glad you liked the premiere, Bells! I would have been sad if you didn't.

I agree, the premiere was better than the finale. I think Castiel's arc as Godstiel was good and like you said, if it was drawn out longer it would have been a bit boring and overplayed. I'm pretty much a solid Wincest shipper, but Cas' last conversation with Dean made me see how beautiful Dean/Cas could be. I hope Cas is still alive, for the sake of the Destiel fans.

Death is my favorite side character on this show. (Not counting Adam because he's family.) I love the actor and I hope he's done more than just Supernatural because I'd love to see him as another role. I'm not too familiar with Leviathans as mythical creatures, but I've seen a few graphics already on Tumblr that refer to Bible verses, so I'm intrigued and want to research them more. Misha on a sugar high is a great description, LOL.

Lucifer caught me by surprise and I'm so intrigued how that plot line will be played out. (As a side note, it makes me curious and hopeful that they'll mention Adam at some point!)

Have a great lazy, rainy afternoon! ♥

Date: 2011-09-29 05:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, it was so much fun. I was enthralled.

The Dean/Cas shippers. I could hear the hearts breaking as I watched that goodbye. Dean, you should've held Cas up. Be a better friend. But Cthulu!Cas is going to be so much fun, fans will finally get that parade every week because this new version looks like it knows how to throw a party (of destruction). I'm looking forward to it.

Death is fantastic, he has such gravity and relays that sense of age and being a larger entity with greater concerns than Earth (though less so in more recent episodes). It plays really well to his physical appearance, too. He's certainly done other roles, mostly where he plays the creeping creeper (because of his physicality), though I couldn't recommend any off the top of my head. He's a great actor; favourite Horseman followed closely by War who is strangely attractive to me. I think it's the eyes.

So, there's a rumour that we might see Adam in the coming season. The only way we're going to see that, I think, is through Sam's hallucinations of the Cage. We know Lucifer is Sam's primary tormentor, but surely Michael would also want a piece of the vessel who dragged him down, too? And of course Adam is also getting raked over the coals by virtue of being there. So, let's have it, Show. LET'S HAVE IT.

/am writing you Adam birthday fic now

Date: 2011-09-29 03:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I started watching the show for Sam and Dean. I keep watching for the mythos.

Add engaging side characters too, and this perfectly describes why I stay with this show. The leads, should not become as boring and desensitise the audience as much as the Winchesters do.

The lack of Adam would've bugged me, but I think I've made my peace with the fact that he was a plot device, and won't be coming back. Sad, but ti seems to be true with the way things go. Unless in an ultimate plot twist he turns out to be the big bad and the one actually tormenting Sam.

Date: 2011-09-29 03:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You give these showrunners too much credit to consider such brilliant plot twists. We loved them for giving us Godstiel, but like the hand of the Creator himself, they giveth and then they tooketh away an episode later. Which I was actually okay with, but still....

For me, any story is only as strong as its side characters: they are what ground the primary characters and their arcs in a larger world to make them feel real. I don't feel for these Winchesters anymore, they've given me the same old song for seasons and I've become tone deaf to their struggle.

Date: 2011-09-29 05:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't really. Not anymore. After what I was promised for season 6 and the disaster it turned out to be my expectations are really low. I think it's better it stays that way. At least then if they do something good, I'll really enjoy it.

I liked the premise of the boys, refusing to change despite anything. It's a lovely character flaw. Except, even if it's habit now, after a certain point people - no matter how fucked up they are - wake up, smell the coffee, and change. Dean and Sam have not, while all the main side characters have. And it's grating.

Date: 2011-09-30 01:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm so happy you enjoyed it, love! I did, as well, so of course I want my mirth to be a shared reaction. It obviously wasn't perfect, for many of the reasons that you listed, but it has to be one of my most favorite premiers, which says a lot after the travesty that was S6. IT'S A PARADE! AND WE GET ANOTHER NEW EPISODE TOMORROW! 8DDD

Date: 2011-09-30 06:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It wasn't perfect (incontinuity of ritual to bind death, many less sacrifices required when it's the Winchesters doing the rites), but I agree, it was a great premier and it kept up the momentum of the finale. I'm excited for tomorrow (tonight's) episode!


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