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I hear the divide on the new season of Supernatural is 50/50.

Well, I'm in. I thought I'd be bored by Sam's reliving of the Cage -- and then the show reminded me whose company he'd kept.

So, your enjoyment of Supernatural season seven is going to depend on your interest in:

1) overdue creature FX and investment in the Leviathans' agenda (nice dental care);
2) brotherly angst and ripe material for the Sam/Dean shippers ("Do you want to know what's real? Me. I'm real, Sammy.");
3) Lucifer. I went an entire season convinced we would never see any of Raphael's brothers again, so to say that I'm over the moon he's back and tormenting is an understatement.

Though, Sam's now going to start self-harming to keep the hallucinations of Lucifer at bay and Castiel is allegedly gone (I say allegedly because Cas is The Angel Who Would Not Stay Down and this is SPN, so I don't believe for a minute the show won't pounce on a future opportunity to bring him back). This could drive a whole lot of fans off the show or to dismay, which is a shame because for the first time in years, I vaguely care about Sam and Dean again.

I believe that has to do with the fact the episode was written by Ben Edlund who appears to have composed some of my favourite episodes. He has a talent for writing critical and intimate moments between characters that reminds us they're more than set pieces, he shows their vulnerability, and because of that the characters have the opportunity to rebuild and show their strength. I loved that quiet moment in the kitchen between Dean and Bobby, even if Dean characteristically stonewalled him. When Sam was digging into his wound and Dean was shouting at his brother to look at him in the warehouse, it was the first time in seasons that I felt a real connection between them again. I'm looking forward to it.

I am intrigued by the fact Lucifer says Sam is his only source of entertainment, though. Where in the Cage are Michael and Adam? Did they get their own honeymoon suite or something? What-the-sh*t is going on there?

So, season seven. You've got me for the meantime. Yes, now I want to write Sam/Lucifer and Sam/Dean and Lucifer/Sam/Dean, but in line with my rationing of time, I'm just going to enjoy a few morsels of what's been written by other people since the airing.

Also, I watched Torchwood season four and it was fan-freaking-tastic ("Did you see Ianto?" *soblovesob*). I loved everyone and everything, the writing was wonderful, that ending was so cathartic, and other TW fans may not agree, but I actually enjoyed this more than any of what Torchwood ever offered before. Well done, team.
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