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girl in the snow by lyckaa

by [ profile] lyckaa

Happy holidays, everyone, or if it's still on its way for you, I hope that you have an absolute blast when it comes. As romantic as it looks, if you're in the Northern hemisphere, I don't recommend enjoying the snow a la mode of the above example. And if you're in the South like me, well, bring on the mocktails. ♥

I recently got back into state and we finally had our internet connected at the new apartment (phew!), so I thought I'd kick this off before I disappeared again under the sea of work + tying up writing challenges in the sprint to the end of 2011 ([ profile] bellatemple, this means you).

It's been another amazing year in fandom, I've met so many new people and had such a great time vaulting the hurdles with the lot of you. I've learned a lot about myself, my writing, and I want to give back to you guys for always giving me reasons to smile; especially on Mondays.

I'll be taking prompts until late December for any of the fandoms you can see on my profile page. I write for any/all pairings or gen, as long as I know the people involved (and if not, I'll let you know!), so please have fun; go nuts. Don't feel shy if we've never spoken before, I'd love to meet and write for you, too!

To ensure that I get back to people in a timely fashion, I'm going to respond in either three sentence or 500 word commentfics.

To help me keep on track, please prompt in the following format: Fandom, Pairing (or Gen), Prompt.

Hope this finds everyone well! ♥

Fills to-date:
For [ profile] zekkass: Let's hope it's a good one (without any fear); Gabriel, Jimmy, Claire, Donnie, Robin (PG, [ profile] vessels_anon 'verse)
For [ profile] morganoconner: I'd change the world and the rules (PG-13; Gabriel/Castiel; Human!AU, incest)
For [ profile] chaos_dreaming: My way back to broken (PG-13; Michael/Adam, Lucifer)
For [ profile] chosenfire28: On the third day (PG-13, Dean/Castiel)
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