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» Title: The Federal Hunters' Project, a WPA Initiative / (Read on AO3)
» Artist: [ profile] bellatemple / ART POST
» Pairing(s)/Character(s): Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle, Pamela Barnes, Rufus Turner, Bela Talbot, Chuck Shurley
» Warnings: Violence, mild gore, language
» Spoilers: Seasons 1 - 5
» Summary: Real evil exists, America, but evil, like any corporation, can be managed.
» Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] spn_reversebang 2011 challenge. There aren't enough thanks that I can offer to my artist who, in spite of every possible hiccup along the way, never gave me grief. Thank you, [ profile] bellatemple, for the faith, the patience and for the opportunity to write this story for you. ♥

I also have to thank the mods of [ profile] spn_reversebang who assisted me along the way and supported us with their flexibility when other commitments threatened to derail this entire challenge. You were so gracious, mods, many thanks.


SPN_Reversebang 2011: The Federal Hunters' Project, a WPA Initiative )
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» Title: Whole Lotta Love
» Fandom: Supernatural
» Warnings: Schmoop, classic rock love
» Pairing(s)/Characters: Pamela/Jo
» Summary: Pamela had never seen Jo under a sunrise or had to reach out for her in moonless nights. But tomorrow, maybe.
» A/N: Originally written here for [ profile] theinsaneeraser at [ profile] comment_fic. The final word in the lyric at the story's end is often contended, so let's fly with this version today. Title is taken from the Led Zeppelin song by the same name.

Jo couldn't stop the giggle from escaping her lips. )
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» Title: Tell No Lies
» Fandom: Supernatural
» Warnings: Asphyxiation-(breath)play, PWP
» Pairing(s)/Characters: Pamela/Ruby
» Summary: Pamela knows Ruby’s price by now.
» A/N: Written for [ profile] mercuryblue144 under the Five Acts meme (erotic torture, jewelry, religion).

Ruby wakes up with a ring on her finger and a blind psychic straddling her in a chair. )


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