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I hear the divide on the new season of Supernatural is 50/50.

Supernatural 7x02: I thought I'd be bored by Sam's reliving of the Cage -- and then the show reminded me whose company he'd kept. )

Also, I watched Torchwood season four and it was fan-freaking-tastic ("Did you see Ianto?" *soblovesob*). I loved everyone and everything, the writing was wonderful, that ending was so cathartic, and other TW fans may not agree, but I actually enjoyed this more than any of what Torchwood ever offered before. Well done, team.
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Witness the Silent Rave! I was dangerously close to doing the same thing at work today and calling it my Friday Dance. It doesn't have the same effect when you do it solo.

It feels like it's been a while between updates, so I thought I'd broadcast an update as to what I've been doing and plan to do with this journal in future.

Then I decided to watch the series returns of Heroes and Bones instead. Wherein I burble. Hear me burble. This may contain traces of tv show spoilers. )

I had a rant in here of how siestas should become legislated government policy pertaining especially to state and commonwealth departments, but it distracted from the fandom. As I whiled away many an hour at work daydreaming of sleep, I somewhere decided to migrate over those writings from an older, disused journal for a general point of easy reference. So, all my old and other work will be appearing here in the coming future -- the good, the bad, and the embarassing.

I have 'Five (5) Things' lists waiting in a book that travels with me everywhere. I need to type them up sometime this century, it's been pending for months.

I have a real urge to get back icon-making in Photoshop, I never got around to making those Brimstone icons I started capping before my previous laptop died in its sleep. I also have a sneaking urge to abuse Heroes with new icons since it slapped me in the face with its pretty.

I've also discovered the engrossing spectacle that is Luke and Noah's story on As the World Turns (ATWT) -- it's like Bold and the Beautiful, but with (some) common sense. A new breed of soap opera spawned from an old mother.

Saw 'Hairspray' )

Saw Stardust. Loved it much more than Hairspray (before you hiss, to each their own!). Loved it so I have nothing to say, except that if you like romance, adventure well-blended with contemporary humour, you should enjoy this movie. I intend to see it again.

While I'm listing, I read Eragon fanfic in my sleep. It's a fandom of chronic update lags. I get really frustrated, then really, really happy when people update. Afterwards, I perform a cleansing ritual. It gets very cumbersome.

I can give no ETA on this migration initiative, but in the meanwhile, I'll visit with the occasional rec. Today is a fantastic Torchwood piece I crossed and meant to post some time ago. I know there's another rec I was supposed to share for someone, if it's you, please remind me.

C12H22O11 by [ profile] 3jane
Summary: "Ianto's filing boxes when he finds it.... Luminous in the corridor lights. Faintly blue-orange-silver. Almost remarkable inhuman, except for the fetal curl of the body and the crackle along Ianto's nerves that might be crying."
WHY: THIS MUST BE READ. If this had been an episode of Torchwood, I would have fallen for this team. This is a gorgeous, redeeming story set post-Season 1 finale, bringing out the sensitivities and better side of everyone I'd almost come to detest by the season's end. The best read I could have had at bedtime.
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It seems to be the week of induction for me. Not only was I properly introduced to Transformers the other week (sort of, as far as beautifully loyal remakes count as inductions), but the other day [ profile] lyore passed several DVDs of Doctor Who for [ profile] necromage and myself to watch.

As of about seven minute ago I am officially caught up on the New Who! I've been up since 0530 in the morning, I've since gone to work AND choir practice, had a riveting time slamming those second As and I am knackered.

To be fair I cheated with a select watching schedule, but I'm at the same end and my God, I love this show. I don't know when was the last time I watched something that fascinated and disturbed me at the same time (no, Gladiator does not count it's just "'Sad', which is 'happy' for deep people"). Catharsis! Inter-textual-fandom fun and glory!

So, some spoilery comments and squeeage of scattered season viewing under the cut.

Doctor Who + Torchwood = Dude, where's my backup? )

I really don't know what I have to look forward to in Torchwood now, except, possibly a fresh and abounding sense of Team Love. I would be so lucky as I think this 'verse suffers SG-and-Whedon-itis, i.e. the inability of producers to equally divide their creative talents between two shows on air in the same universe.

As much as I enjoy having a new fandom to plough into, where's my SG-1 S10 season finale I was promised, eh, Boo? Eh??
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Today is a day of video recs! Sharing the youtube love.

Torchwood ::
Jack's a little too flamboyant, but Dead Ringers hit a lot of problems with this show on the nose. ♥

Dead Ringers do Torchwood (Part 1)

Dead Ringers do Torchwood (Part 2)

Dead Ringers do Captain Jack and Cyberman Love

Dead Ringers do Torchwood/OAP Parody

Justice League Theatrical Trailers ::
These are awesome fan-made trailers for a Justice League film that, unfortunately, does not exist, but wow they did a great job. Made from Smallville footage it looks like a real film (the fact that I've never seen a full episode of Smallville assists the illusion).

Smallville Justice League Trailer A

Smallville Justice League Trailer B

Heroes ::
Peter, build a beach house, save the world! I laugh so hard at Nathan. So hard.

MADtv does Heroes

When I get home tonight I intend to transport those five things challenges that have been sitting in my book, to my computer. I keep forgetting to do this. -_-"


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