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In addition to the old reliable resource of Write or Die, the [ profile] gsd_rtfn ("Get Sh*t Done Right the F*ck Now") support community is a great resource for all fanworks if you've been struggling (e.g. finishing that first draft of the art or fic, or polishing the final beta) because there will be a whole motley crew of people just like you and, through mutual encouragement with daily progress check-ins, they will help you get there.

The community has started a new round today and I highly recommend signing up to cheerlead each other if you need a little motivational force to get you over the line.

I'm using this to get my [ profile] xmenbigbang project done and drafted.

The current round will end on October 1st. Hope to see you there!
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Borrowed from every snowflake and their friend this week:

Give me pairings (or characters). Give me an AU setting. I will write you a three-sentence fic.

I will also finally be responding to comments and getting down to work on the draft of [ profile] xmenbigbang this morning. I have a week (and a clear outline, thankfully). Stranger miracles have happened. ;P

The story will follow the Brotherhood after the end of X-Men: First Class with background Charles/Erik, Erik/Raven, Azazel/Riptide, and Alex/Hank/Sean, but they're incidental to the story.

What are people's opinions on listing background character relationships when the movement is primarily gen?

Three Sentence AU Meme Round-Up To-Date:
For [ profile] zekkass: SPN, (Dean/)Castiel/Gabriel [PG]; MIB!AU, they’re the Men in Black (at Immigration Intake)
For [ profile] morganoconner: SPN, Dean/Gabriel [PG]; College!AU, Gabriel is a professor and Dean is both his friend and student
For [ profile] synnerxx: SPN, Gabriel/Michael/Lucifer/Raphael [PG]; Gabriel owns a candy shop
For [ profile] roachstar: Castle; Ryan/Esposito, Castle/Beckett [PG]; High School!AU, Rick Castle is the new kid on the block and he's paying attention
For [ profile] nights_fang: SPN, Lucifer/Adam/Michael [NC-17]; College!AU, Michael has a grudge against Dean, but he also has a plan
For [ profile] cashay: SPN, Michael/Adam/Sam/Lucifer [PG]; Prison!AU, Maybe being in jail doesn't suck all that much
For [ profile] ladyknightanka: SPN, Michael/Adam [PG]; High School!AU & Detective!AU, Adam wants to ask his brother's partner to the prom
For [ profile] nights_fang: SPN, Lucifer/Adam [PG]; Teacher/Student!AU; Adam is not the model student they said he'd be
For [ profile] nights_fang: SPN; Adam, Zachariah [PG]; Mafia!AU, "They started on you when you were ten."
For [ profile] zekkass: SPN; younger-vessel!Zachariah/Dean [PG]; Office!AU, the first time they met
For [ profile] zekkass: SPN; Gabriel, Raphael [PG]; CandyShop!AU (cont.), They try to teach Raphael not to terrify the customers
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... OMFG.

It's the cure I didn't know I needed for this migraine until I saw it.

[ profile] chosenfire28!! I hate you! I love you! Stop distracting me from that story I'm finishing for you! XD As incentive, I'm still not allowed to sign up until I finish this current big bang.

Sign ups for the [ profile] xmenbigbang are now open!

Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups

Spread the word, guys! :D
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» Title: The Side-Project
» Fandom: X-Men: First Class
» Warnings: Bondage, furry
» Pairing(s)/Characters: Alex/Hank, Charles
» Summary: Hank is afraid of hurting Alex after his transformation and he'll only let their intimacy go so far. Alex is getting impatient.
» A/N: Originally written here for [ profile] xmen_firstkink because I have been finishing my Big Bang over the last few days, the muse compelled me for a change and I couldn't stop when I saw this prompt over breakfast.

He’s lucky Hank still lets him touch him. )
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» Title: Man Vs Ice
» Fandom: X-Men (Movie-verse)
» Warnings: Wherein I mourn my inability to catch a moment of the Winter Olympics.
» Pairing(s)/Characters: Pyro/Iceman
» Summary: Bobby and John attempt snowboarding; Bobby doesn't get very far.
» A/N: Written here for [ profile] i_lovejs in [ profile] comment_fic.

John takes a deep breath and releases it slowly. )


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