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The f-locked art preview for [ profile] spn_reversebang opened yesterday on September 26 and will remain locked until Thursday, September 29, when authors can stake their claims.

I highly recommend everyone go over to have a gander (you must be a member of the comm to view the art posts) because they are beautiful, and if you're participating, you want to be ready with your top three choices (with back-up options) to post as a comment in the correct format. Details for how to claim are here.

There is an amazing stock of choices over there and I loved seeing the diversity of styles and ideas.

I think my brain has overloaded for the year on drama and justifying how people who should not be together somehow fall in love (XD), so it was the gen prompts that spoke to me strongest. And then the crack. Of course, some of the couple art also dragged me in, so it's safe to say that I have many, many choices, and my only hope is that whoever gets stuck with me is easy-going yet explicit with what they hope for in a story.

The mods already said it, but it's worth reiterating: when claiming, be considerate and empathetic of the artists who will read the comments. It can be agonising waiting to be claimed. Nobody needs to be crushed by reading such things as "All the good ones are gone" or "Well, it wasn't my first or fifth choice, but is #blah still free?"

Being creative is difficult enough without putting yourself out there in such a public forum as a big bang challenge. We're all still learning. We'll all still have a long way to go. Be considerate. We only succeed by persevering with practice, practice, practice, but a little encouragement and a lot less negativity go a long way.

Above all else, keep an open mind. You might be surprised at what you find.


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