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I've been intermittently packing house for a week and the day job had consumed my brain.

The writing mojo must return. Surely, a porn-a-thon is the key? (No, my current project is gen, but words are words....)

There are a bunch of people I want to write for in order to say 'thank you' for the last round, so I hope you're all in this time!

Round five is open!

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

= my Fandoms = )

= my Acts = )

Fills for Others:
For [ profile] emerald_embers: Devil May Cry, Dante/Vergil, R (hairplay, sex injuries, hand fetishism, semi-technophilia)
For [ profile] ienablu: Supernatural, John!Michael/Mary, PG-13 (aggression, shoved against walls, hurt)
For [ profile] ladyknightanka: Supernatural; Lucifer/Sam, Michael/Adam; PG-13 (Human!AU, barely H/C)
For [ profile] nights_fang: Supernatural, Lucifer/Adam, NC-17 (Human!AU, clothing fetish, breathplay, frottage)
For [ profile] thedreamisreal: Supernatural, Sam/Adam/Dean, NC-17 (D/s, tattoos, possession & jealousy, oral fixation)
For [ profile] synnerxx: Supernatural, Michael/Adam, NC-17 (Human!AU cont., power issues, begging, biting)

Gifts from Others:
From [ profile] ienablu: Suits/SPN, Harvey/Mike, PG (Hunter!AU)
From [ profile] super_seme04: Supernatural, Michael/Adam/Lucifer, R: 'Made For' (marathon)
From [ profile] nights_fang: Supernatural, Adam/Michael, NC-17: 'Feel' (bondage, sensory deprivation, fingers)
From [ profile] ladyknightanka: Supernatural, Michael/Adam, PG: 'Do No Evil' (sensory deprivation)
From [ profile] synnerxx: Supernatural, Michael/Adam, NC-17: 'Won't You Touch Me, Touch Me' (fingers)
From [ profile] setos_puppy: Supernatural, Michael/Lucifer/Gabriel, R: 'Dream Brother; My Killer; My Lover' (post-crises, alternate ending, sensory overload, marathon, fingers)
From [ profile] zekkass: Supernatural, Michael/Raphael, R (Mafia!AU, post-crisis moment, handporn)
From [ profile] chaos_dreaming: Supernatural, Michael/Adam, NC-17: 'Cuckholds and Concubines' (Business!AU)
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I've never participated in this before, but someone told me it was low pressure and I've actually tuned in on time!

This runs for a week, peeps, so join in the fun and sign-up! <3

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists to see what you might be able to fill for your fellow fan. The Master list is here.
+ Sign-up here to join the fun (this is not necessary if you just want to fill).
+ Post comment-fic based at people's journals in their five acts post!
+ Play nicely. Play hard.

My Acts )

My Fandoms and Pairing(s) )

= my FILLS =
For [ profile] mercuryblue144: Supernatural, Pamela/Ruby, NC-17 (erotic torture, jewelry, religion)
For [ profile] afiawri: Warehouse 13, Pete/Joshua, PG-13 (clothed sex, outdoors, marked in public)
For [ profile] zekkass: Supernatural, Michael/Gabriel, PG-13, (collars, restraints, body doubles)

= Fills from Others (♥) =
From [ profile] mercuryblue144: Supernatural, Anna/Ruby, PG (breath play, military, penance, restraints)
From [ profile] emerald_embers: Devil May Cry, Dante/Vergil, NC-17 (breath play)
From [ profile] zekkass: Supernatural, Lucifer/Gabriel/Michael/Raphael, NC-17 (restraints)
From [ profile] janie_tangerine: Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, PG (amnesia)
From [ profile] unavoidedcrisis: Leverage, Hardison/Eliot/Parker, NC-17 (breath play, military, penance)
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» Title: Brothers in Grievance
» Fandom: Supernatural, Devil May Cry
» Warnings: Crossover
» Pairing(s)/Characters: Dean Winchester/Vergil
» Summary: A hunter and a demon aristocrat bond over beer and their polar grievances about little brothers.
» A/N: Originally written here for [ profile] emerald_embers in [ profile] comment_fic.

Dean collapsed into the free chair at the bar-side table and heaved a sigh of relief. )
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Lost sleep + project management = untitled Dante/Myers.

» Title: Untitled 1.0
» Author: [ profile] _bluebells | k(at)noiresensus(dot)com |
» Fandom: Hellboy, Devil May Cry
» Rating: G
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: One-off
» Classification(s): Drabble, humour
» Warnings: Donut and caffeine worship, and big, dumb devils.
» Pairing(s)/Characters: Dante/Myers, Abe
» Summary: There is no eating or drinking in the library, but we must, at all times, resist the urge to shoot violators.

If Liz could do it, he could to it.

It was not a question of ability.

John Myers couldn't summon lashes of fire or induce the BPRD's prize asset to submit to his every whim -- Liz could keep that one. He had never seen Liz practice or confront with hand-to-hand combat, that was one thing he had on her, but that didn't seem her style. Liz Sherman fought fire with a blazing inferno, with great reluctance and only as a last resort when diplomacy, Abe's wiles, intelligence and Hellboy's battering mode of interrogation fell short. Although Liz had left the BPRD on many occasions to find where she could fit in the "real" world, she inevitably returned to the people who would always welcome and find a place for her among them.

Read On....  )
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» Fandom: Hellboy (movie!verse), Devil May Cry
» Pairing: Dante/John Myers
» Theme set: Beta
» Rating: PG-13
» Disclaimer: None of the characters depicted herein belong to me.
» Warnings: Obscene abuse of English grammar littered through 3,500 words. These sentences read as one continuous story, take place after the Hellboy film, and traverse before and after Devil May Cry 2 -- there are no spoilers for the game, luckily for me, not much happens in that game.

These sentences were inspired by the DMC/Hellboy crossover story House Call by Croik! Yes, go read it now!

[Devil May Cry, Hellboy] Dante/Myers, PG-13
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Instead of a story, I bring icons. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy: Advent Children [x9]
Gremlins [x2]
Supernatural [x1]
Devil May Cry [x12]
Tekken [x6]


[09] Jin/Hwoarang: Rivalry

[13] Cloud Strife: Unleash the lion; yes, we know Fenrir is a wolf, alas....

[29] Dante & Vergil: Brothers

!! Click for icons !! )

edit :: To round off, this last one is for [ profile] lyore and [ profile] bob_ette (have you guys seen the moogles from FF: Crystal Chronicles? They're furry and very different).


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