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I've been intermittently packing house for a week and the day job had consumed my brain.

The writing mojo must return. Surely, a porn-a-thon is the key? (No, my current project is gen, but words are words....)

There are a bunch of people I want to write for in order to say 'thank you' for the last round, so I hope you're all in this time!

Round five is open!

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

= my Fandoms = )

= my Acts = )

Fills for Others:
For [ profile] emerald_embers: Devil May Cry, Dante/Vergil, R (hairplay, sex injuries, hand fetishism, semi-technophilia)
For [ profile] ienablu: Supernatural, John!Michael/Mary, PG-13 (aggression, shoved against walls, hurt)
For [ profile] ladyknightanka: Supernatural; Lucifer/Sam, Michael/Adam; PG-13 (Human!AU, barely H/C)
For [ profile] nights_fang: Supernatural, Lucifer/Adam, NC-17 (Human!AU, clothing fetish, breathplay, frottage)
For [ profile] thedreamisreal: Supernatural, Sam/Adam/Dean, NC-17 (D/s, tattoos, possession & jealousy, oral fixation)
For [ profile] synnerxx: Supernatural, Michael/Adam, NC-17 (Human!AU cont., power issues, begging, biting)

Gifts from Others:
From [ profile] ienablu: Suits/SPN, Harvey/Mike, PG (Hunter!AU)
From [ profile] super_seme04: Supernatural, Michael/Adam/Lucifer, R: 'Made For' (marathon)
From [ profile] nights_fang: Supernatural, Adam/Michael, NC-17: 'Feel' (bondage, sensory deprivation, fingers)
From [ profile] ladyknightanka: Supernatural, Michael/Adam, PG: 'Do No Evil' (sensory deprivation)
From [ profile] synnerxx: Supernatural, Michael/Adam, NC-17: 'Won't You Touch Me, Touch Me' (fingers)
From [ profile] setos_puppy: Supernatural, Michael/Lucifer/Gabriel, R: 'Dream Brother; My Killer; My Lover' (post-crises, alternate ending, sensory overload, marathon, fingers)
From [ profile] zekkass: Supernatural, Michael/Raphael, R (Mafia!AU, post-crisis moment, handporn)
From [ profile] chaos_dreaming: Supernatural, Michael/Adam, NC-17: 'Cuckholds and Concubines' (Business!AU)
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» Title: Kindred Spirits
» Fandom: Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
» Warnings: Crossover
» Pairing(s)/Characters: Buffy Summers/Mary Winchester
» Summary: At first, Mary thought she was a hunter.
» A/N: Originally written here for [ profile] tiptoe39 in [ profile] comment_fic.

Whatever she was, she and Mary would at least agree on the proper response to vampires. )
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» Title: Round It Out
» Fandom: Supernatural
» Warnings: AU
» Pairing(s)/Characters: Mary, Sam and Dean Winchester
» Summary: Mary raised her boys to be hunters, but basic training never gets old.
» A/N: Originally written here for [ profile] snarky_kat in [ profile] comment_fic.

Apparently being sleep-drugged and weary was half the point. )
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» Title: The Peanut Gallery in the Glade
» Fandom: Supernatural
» Warnings: Mild Spoilers for Season 5
» Pairing(s)/Characters: John/Mary, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel
» Summary: John and Mary watch their sons from the afterlife and make commentary on their love lives.
» A/N: Written here for [ profile] measuringlife in [ profile] comment_fic, because I don't understand Sam/Gabriel either, but I can see the functional benefits from an Operational Health and Safety perspective.

John doesn’t approve. )


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